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Please review the known issues and FAQ provided to find solutions to the issues you are experiencing.

Known Issues

We are curently working on solutions for each of these issues.

Ultimate Cribbage Level Cap
At this time we only allow you to gain experience through to level 9. Once at level 9, you will temporarily not be able to add any additional experience to your profile. This was a necessary blocker until we roll out the features that will become available in the next update which is coming soon! We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused.
iOS Peer to Peer is not working?
Apple has released iOS 8.3 which included a much needed Bluetooth fix that has plagued our peer-to-peer users since iOS 8.0 was released. If you are expereincing issues with connecting to another device, we recommend updating to iOS 8.3. Some users still report needing to restart their devices before initiating a peer to peer game to help with connectivity.

We have filed a bug report with apple about the known issues some are experiencing.
Online Game 'Closed Connection' errors
Apple's Game center has been inaccurately sending disconnect messages while in online play. We have suspected this in some ways but were never able to reproduce it while debugging or with the help of testers. Many other developers of online games have been experiencing the same issue. Some developers were able to pinpoint the issue to game center falsely sending disconnect messages then closing connections.

We have made fixes that correct this issue in a few games and we are still testing it in other games. Please note that it will require you to get past the first few moves or the first hand (depending on which game you are playing) to be connected without the risk of a random disconnection.
We always recommend that you play online games on the strongest internet source that you have.

We do apologize for this long standing inconvenience. All games that support the online game mode will get our fix and will hopefully achieve the online performance we had originally designed.
Multiple taps for turnbased games
We have moved everything that was previously on the screen to our menu to make room for future feature improvements. Since iOS 8.3 was released, many users are having issues with receiveing their opopnent's turn. We are currently investigating this issue, but it is most likely an issue with Game Center and iOS 8.3 becuase we did nothing to the code in the most recent updates.

A temporary work around is to tap Menu > Games and that will refresh all of your moves that are waiting for you. We do apologize for the temporary inconvenience. We will have an update for all games that do not already have our automatic refresh built in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cannot access iOS Multi-Player games

We use Apple's Game Center to facilitate a connection so you can play a multi-player game. If you were able to play a game one day, then all of the sudden you are no longer able to play a game, AND we did not release an update for your game, the likely cause is there is an issue with Apple's Game center.

This does happen from time to time. The Verge has an article from the March 2015 outage.

The only thing that can be done is to be patient until the issue is resolved on Apple's end.

IF you are still not able to access and play multi-player games, please check your Game Center settings to ensure you are properly logged in.

How do I play with friends?

Currently we only Support Multi-player or peer to peer gaming in games for iOS. Soon to be supported in select android games.
For iOS we use Apple's Game Center for multiplayer; the easiest way to add a friend is to use the Game Center app.

To add a friend in Game Center (assuming you are both logged into game center) you need to:

1.    Press the device's home button to return to the main screen (if you aren't already there)

2.    Find the Game Center app and launch it

3.    Tap the "Friends" button on the bottom of the screen

4.    Tap the new '+' button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen

5.    Here you can enter either your friend's email or game center gamer name (the email they use to log into game center generally works better)

6.    Tap send. At this point your friend should receive an invitation notification and can accept it

'Authenticating' or 'Disabled' Message

If you receive this message it means you are not properly logged into Apple's Game Center. You can log in from the Game Center app or from the device's settings menu under game center.

Backgammon Dice Cheat?

We get this feedback every day, as does every other backgammon game on the market. Please familarize yourself with the information provided before emailing us your complaint about your experience when playing a single player game.

We use a arc4random certified randomizing algorithm for rolling the dice, and we (as well as many other backgammon game devs have found) believe it is the most random that it can be after running the numbers for many hundreds of thousands of rolls.

If you have not played tens of thousands of games, the number of doubles you get will indeed be "statistically incorrect."

The only way we could "improve" the realistic nature of the roll is to add human error, which is not something we are capable of doing with our code with out actually cheating the user. The randomizing algorithm is the exact same algorithm that is used across single player and multi-player modes. You should expect similar rolls when playing against the computer as you would against another human player. When you change difficulty in single player, you are changing how we have programmed the strategies of our computer from easy, to medium and hard.

Overall, we have not weighted the dice to compensate for a poor strategy of our computer player. If you want to win, you must do so with your strategy against our strategy. Our best suggestion to improve is to test your strategies against your friends or other players from around the world in multi-player (iOS only) online or turn-based game mode. It is the best way to improve at a game we all love!

How do I get rid of ads?

If you are playing the lite or free version of our game, you can do this by upgrading to either the Premium or HD version of the game. With the upgrade you will gain multi-player game modes such as Online, Turn-Based and Peer to Peer.

If you have a multi-player game and experience an ad for a game that is ours, you can dismiss it by swiping it down or taping the ad, entering the news feed and dismissing it from there by swiping away the news feed.

Which devices are supported?

For iOS, we currently support devices that are iOS 7.0 and newer. Those with devices that no longer support 7.0 or newer will not receive any updates but you will be able to access the game in the app store.

We also support OSX 10, Windows 8, Kindle Fire and Android 4.0 or newer.

Where are statistics, achievements and leaderboard rankings?

Curently only supported for iOS, your Statistics, Leaderboard ranks, and achievements are loacated in the new menu under Stats. If you tap on Stats you will find Achievements & Leaderboards located in the corners.
For Android and Kindle Platforms, you will find your statistics under menu then tap stats.

Sound is not working

All of our games have a mute button that can be found in the main menu, within the settings, or some place on the home screen. If you cannot hear your sound, please be sure that the sound is not switched off.

After you've verified the in game mute button is not activated, the next place to look are at the hardware buttons on your device. The volume and device mute button are located on the side of your device. If your device is muted, the orange will be showing when the button is toggled.

If you are still experiencing issues, we suggest restarting your device then follow the steps provided above.

Still seeing ads after upgrading
If you purchased the iOS Premium or HD version of one of our games from the App Store and are still seeing ads, it is because you are still using the Free version of the game. You will need to look through your device and find the app you purchased. If you cannot find it on your device, return to the app store and re-download or open it from the app page.

My Issue Is Not Listed

If your issue is not listed, please use the contact form to let us know about any questions, concerns, and crazy ideas you have. Happy Gaming!

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